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Server Technology

SecureChannel offers a high end server technology offering very high performance and ensuring 100% business continuity.
Our security solutions are aided with high end technologies required for high performance, high volume, and high availability applications. This high-performance server component has a built-in in-memory processor, parallel server, business continuity module, threat mining module, web-cockpit and application configurator, and many more.

Server Technology

SecureChannel Virtualization

Proprietary virtualization technology gives very strong authentication, which makes it virtually impossible to tamper any device or application, steal, modify, re-route or reuse any data.

SecureChannel Performance Server

The high-performance server component has a built-in in-memory processor, memory partitioner, parallel server, asynchronized processor, load balancer, fail-over, DR, bypass, and many more.

SecureChannel Web Cockpit

The web cockpit allows configuration of SecureChannel. It has built-in threat monitoring, data mining, log monitoring, audit data monitoring, performance monitoring, and reporting tools.

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