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Rogue/Fake app is the mother of all threats. It can be created in hours and be distributed to the masses through social media. Once a user downloads and uses it once, he/she becomes a permanent victim. Using these stolen credentials, the thief can repeatedly misuse the user’s account without the organization and without the user realizing fraud.

Apart from the rogue/fake app threat, there are many other threats which can severely compromise business.

All currently used technologies, checks, and protections can be broken by changing just a few lines of java code, even if a C++ module is used. For a thief, the time and the effort spent on bypassing protections will not be a deterrent as the probability of distributing a rogue app and further misusing it remains exactly the same.

SecureChannel Virtualization Technology is the only known technology that can provide comprehensive protection against rogue/fake app and all other threats.

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Current Threat Scenario
  • By 2022, API abuses will be the most frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise applications – The Gartner Group.
  • Massive Mobile Banking Fraud Exposes Banks’ Need for App Security, Modernized Authentication and Risk Analytics - OneSpan - U.S. and Europe banks lost millions of dollars
  • Fake apps have stolen thousands of customer data of leading banks in India. – ICICI, CITI, YES Bank, Axis Bank, SBI, BOB, Canara - Sophos Labs
  • According to the figures from banking trade body UK Finance, APP fraud rose from £208 million in the first half of 2020 to £355 million for the same period in 2021 – Jump by 71%
  • Fraudulent transactions using RDP software (like AnyDesk) is a regular fraud – Known as Jamtara fraud – Kids in this village make over $10 million per year.
  • IRCTC – Agents fraudulently book thousands of tickets in a few minutes
  • Rogue mobile app frauds accounted for 27% of the total value of fraudulent payments in 2018. 2019 – RSA Security
“If it starts happening then we have to close down the banking system” - Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India

The Problem

A rogue mobile app that steals authentication data, can be created in just a few hours and distributed to the masses through social media, making millions of users permanent victims.

Using this stolen authentication data, billions of dollars can be siphoned out from user accounts in a short period,  repetitively.

Download Threat DocumentStep-by-Step Guide on Rogue App Creation

Mobile Security Solution Space

Mobile End Point (MDM) Security
The primary objective of MDM solutions is to detect malicious applications installed on mobile devices.
and many more...
They do not protect business applications
No organization would install third party software on a common user’s mobile.
The primary objective of hardening is to make application changes a bit difficult. It is good for gaming applications.
and many more...
They can only harden the custom code. The decrypted code is available after the first run. OR
Create a new rogue app from scratch, exploiting APIs and publishing it in days.
Mobile Security
This kind of solution protects against unauthorized access to user account using additional device authentication and channel security.
and few more...
These solutions are based on static data. They can be broken in a few hours or simply bypassed.
Most companies develop themselves in a few days.
Once broken, ALL users of ALL implementations are exposed.
SecureChannel Mobile Solution is the only known technology to protect from all mobile threats
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How We Stand?

SecureChannel focuses way beyond anti-tampering, device authentication, and channel security. The main objective is to reduce the probability of carrying out a fraudulent transaction to zero. With SecureChannel, breaking of security requires physical possession of a user's mobile device and carrying out device-specific cracking within a second. This is not practically impossible.
All other solutions
The objective is to make it a bit harder. They can be cracked in a few hours to a few days.
A common single change can make all vulnerable. Once broken, ALL users of ALL implementations are exposed.
Do not address the most lethal threat – Rogue App
They focus on limited threats.
The objective is to make theft nearly impossible. It may take decades to crack it.
Possession of an individual user's mobile is required for cracking.
Only solution that addresses the Rogue App threat
It covers all known threats.

Mobile Security Solution - Features

Rogue/Fake App detection
Thief identification
Branding misuse protection
Channel security
Certificate stealing protection
Rooting detection
Rogue/fake App running prevention
Authentication Data theft protection
Device authentication
Data tampering protection
Encryption key stealing protection
Emulator detection
Rogue App running device detection
DDoS/Botnet protection
Anti-tampering protection
Data redirection protection
Malicious code prevention
Remote access detection

Feature Comparison

SecureChannel provides comprehensive security, covering almost all known threats
All Other Solutions
Rogue/Fake App detection
Remote Desktop Program detection
Detection of reverse engineering
Prevention of Authentication data phishing
Business data theft protection
Device authentication
Anti-tampering protection
Channel security
Virtual Private Network
Malicious code detection
Encryption Key stealing protection
Rooting/ Jail-break / Emulator/Simulator detection
Root detection bypass framework protection
Integrated real-time risk/fraud engines
Though these solutions provide protection against these threats, but these protections can be easily bypassed/nullified by breaking anti-tampering or encryption

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