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October 15, 2022
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With the increasing number of mobile and internet users with every passing year, security hardening has become a crucial aspect of everyone’s lives. Moreover, when it comes to the corporate world, the jury is still speculating whether the employees will return to the office or not. Nevertheless, we will be continuing to use our personal mobile devices to access data – be it personal or corporate – and this is a big security risk that can be overlooked.

The landscape of mobile threat is expanding

Cybercriminals have grown intelligent to follow trends and exploit them to their benefit. Here, having proper security hardening measures is crucial. As per mobility solutions inc, organizations are increasingly allowing employees to work from mobile devices. Here, cybercriminals target them in their attacks.

Therefore, we have compiled a short list of a few things that we would recommend you to do so that you can keep your data, information and devices secure.

  • Turn User Authentication On

Mobile devices, laptops, tablets and more can get stolen or lost easily. Therefore, the first thing to do is to ensure that all your devices always have a screen lock on so that it requires a password or pin to gain access. Well, you have a lot of information on your device.

  • Regularly Update your Operating Systems

Do not use outdated software as your risk of getting hacked increases with that. With Google, Apple, Microsoft and others, you constantly get security updates to stay ahead of the risks and vulnerabilities. So, do not ignore the alerts to upgrade your software as it is important for your security.

  • Avoid Using Public Wi-fi

Although it is very tempting to use that free wi-fi, it comes with a potential risk of security breach or threat. It increases your risk of exposure to malware and hackers. So, always use a secured wi-fi connection or internet network.

  • Always use a Password Manager

Well, we all know that there can be a lot of passwords that a single person has to handle. So, using a password manager will act as a book of passwords that is locked by a master key that you only have access to.

  • Put Remote Lock and Wipe your data

Using a remote lock and wipe data feature. Whenever a device is believed to be stolen or lost, you gain the ability to protect the lost data by remotely wiping the device or locking access. This way you prevent hackers to gain access to your precious information.

  • Go for Cloud Security and Data Backup

Back up your cloud data – for starters. If your device is lost or stolen, you can still quickly access any data that might have been compromised.

Following these tips will help you strengthen your mobile device and data security. Also, you should always be cautious and aware of what you are doing on and with your device. Remember, awareness can always save you from troubles.

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