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Advanced way of phishing

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August 16, 2022
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Phishing threats are social engineering attacks that can target a wide variety of people depending on the attacker. They could be spam emails targeting anyone with a PayPal account.

Phishing can also be a deliberate attack on a specific person. The attacker frequently adjusts an email to talk directly to you and includes information only a close friend would know.

This information is typically obtained by an attacker after getting access to personal information. If the email is of this nature, even the most cautious recipients are likely to become victims.

Advanced types of phishing threats

  • Spear Phishing

When fishing with a pole, you may encounter a flounder, a bottom feeder, or a piece of garbage. Spearfishing allows companies to target a specific fish. As a result, the name.

Spear phishing is designed to target a specific group or type of person, such as a company's network administrator. An example of a spear phishing email is shown below. Take note of the emphasis placed on the recipient's industry, the download link that the victim is asked to click, and the need for an immediate response.

  • Whaling

Whaling is a more aimed type of phishing that targets whales, which are larger marine animals than fish. These attacks usually target a CEO, CFO, or any CXX within a particular industry or business. A whaling email may state that the business is experiencing legal ramifications and that you should click on the link for more information.

  • Smishing

Smishing is an attack that is carried out via text messaging or a short message service (SMS). A prevalent smishing technique is to send an SMS message to a cell phone with a hyperlink or a return phone number.

An SMS message that appears to be from your bank is a common example of a smishing attack. It informs you that your account has been hacked and that you must respond right away. The attacker requests that you verify your bank account number, SSN, and other personal information. When the attacker obtains the information, he or she gains control of your bank account.

  • Vishing

Vishing attacks serve the same function as other kinds of phishing attacks. Attackers are still looking for delicate personal or corporate data. This attack is carried out via a voice call. As a result, the name contains a "v" rather than a "ph."

A common vishing attack contains a phone call from somebody claiming to be a Microsoft representative. This individual informs you that a virus has been detected on your computer. You are then prompted to enter your credit card information so that the attacker can download an upgraded version of anti-virus software on your computer. Your credit card information is now in the hands of the attacker, and you have most likely installed spyware.

In my next blog I will be discussing advance way of phishing by exploiting technologies.

Why Secure Channel?

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